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Bike Tech, Bike Opinions, Bike Gear

It's February (already?!) and perhaps your bike is getting a bit long in the tooth. We have a rad selection of Scott bikes that we think you'd really like. Should you have any questions about our stock or taking a bike for a test ride, feel free to ring us or stop on by to chat with us some more.


First SRAM, now Shimano: electronic components are slowly becoming self-charging. As per BikeRumor in a recent article, "US Patent 20230021733 A1 describes a non-contact charging system for bicycle components that is able to use electromagnetic induction or magnetic resonance to wirelessly charge an electronic dropper seatpost, suspension adjuster, lamp, and a front derailleur."

So, while initially for an e-bike, this tech could roll out to a bunch of other kinds of bikes and have all sorts of epic applications down the line. We're waiting with bated breath in the hopes that we finally get to see a truly wireless groupset from Shimano.



Paul bits are available again in blue! I saw this covered in a Radar Roundup on The Radavist last week and had to share this cause ... well, this stuff looks epic. See more here from Paul. Should you want to get a build going with some Paul, shoot us a line.



We're, like, 90% synthetic/3D-printed saddle here at Spoke Easy with only one employee (me) rocking a leather saddle (previously a Brooks B17 and now a Berthoud Aspin).

I think that a better experience can be had on leather: a saddle that truly forms to your derrière, something that never happens with a synthetic. I also believe that the two primary concerns associated with leather (significant upkeep and being worried about inclement weather damaging them) are blown way out of proportion. I guess that the biggest hurdle to most people getting one is the idea that a leather saddle is the old way of doing things and that must mean that it isn’t good. I don’t agree that “new is better” when the concept that preceded was perfectly good and might be even better.

I don’t want to be labeled as one of those “well, vinyl just is better” or “real cars have stick shifts” kind of people. That’s not my angle. I mostly want to see more people on more bikes more often because riding isn’t uncomfortable for them due to equipment.

With all that said, maybe a synthetic saddle that’s been 3D-printed and had carbon rails is what’s best for you! I know that I have ridden what is marketed as the best new thing rather than what suits me best. While we don't do bike fits (see Paragon for that), our mechanics are always here to help/chat about saddle options and trying to ride more comfortably.
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