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Anson and Jen are the proud and welcoming owners of Spoke Easy San Francisco. They live in the Richmond neighborhood with their daughter Ryder and have a strong passion for family, community and of course bicycles. Anson hails from Marin County, California, an area that is renowned for the sport of mountain biking. Anson gravitated towards bicycles almost before he could walk and fell in love with getting around quickly on two wheels.  He competed lightly but primarily rode for fun, riding so hard and often that his bicycles were always in need of maintenance and repair.  Lucky for him, he also discovered a fondness for pulling things apart and putting them back together to find out how they worked.  These two passions led to his first job at a local bicycle retail store. Fast forward twenty years, Anson is still working in the bike industry and his love of bicycles and mechanics has only grown. In 2015, Spoke Easy was born. If you're in the neighborhood please come on in to say hi!

Thanks, Anson, Jen, Ryder, Ayden and the Spoke Easy shop crew.