Those Direct Mount Rear Derailleurs Tho

Those Direct Mount Rear Derailleurs Tho

Looks like Shimano’s hopping into the mix with this latest patent that's akin to SRAM’s recent release. As per BikeRumor, “[w]hat isn’t clear from this filing is whether or not this rear derailleur design would be compatible with the SRAM UDH style dropout that has been almost ubiquitously taken up by frame manufacturers across the industry, and of course, whether or not it impinges upon the patents related to SRAM’s Transmission.”

I know that a lotta people have had a lot of opinions about SRAM and what it’s doing with its Transmission. Do you think that Shimano’s move will normalize this sort of design a bit more or put a stop to the naysayers?



I kinda love old school cycling and just how tough those riders were. A lot of them were Italian on Italian bikes riding Campagnolo… I guess that’s why I continue to love contemporary Italian road/race bikes given their heritage.

We loved having those Pinarello Dogma demo bikes last week and hearing how much fun customers were having on them. There’s just something special that we can’t quite put our finger on with how they ride and handle. Heck even I was tempted and hopped on a 59cm Dogma with a 140mm (!) stem.

We have our current Pinarello inventory here and can also get something on order if you’d like.

**Above is Gino Bartali riding uphill on July 25, 1950 in the Pyrenees during the 11th stage of the Tour de France between Pau and Saint-Gaudens.**



As someone who drives, I get it: I want to get to my final destination more than I want to stop at every stop sign and more than I want to wait at each red light. I was driving more than usual last week when my Mom was in town and it was aggravating. I didn't feel the same desire to meander as when on a bike. I wanted to rush and get to where I needed to go and do it now. Even so, I didn't forget that there are other people on the road of whom I needed to be mindful. Personal responsibility while driving is paramount.

Daylighting, speed bumps, safe hit posts: all of these tools did the job of slowing me down and reminding me to not rush while on slower residential streets or when mixing with pedestrians and cyclists. Still -- the installation of more permanent barriers to protect cyclists is key, especially as driver awareness dips.

Less-than-permanent barriers are good reminders, but do little to stop vehicles. As such, cars crush and kill people when people driving cars prioritize getting somewhere fast instead of getting somewhere safe. Let’s ask of our local politicians and policymakers to try something different. I’m tired of distracted/rushed drivers driving at me in the unprotected bike lanes in the City. Why do we (those who walk and cycle) have to settle for what we have now? Inroads have been made in just the last 15 years that I’ve lived here. I have hope that more change is to come.

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