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Pinarello "Paris" Rival AXS

Pinarello "Paris" Rival AXS

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Ideal for everything from Gran Fondo races to daily training sessions, the Paris Rival AXS Road Bike is a bike to take us further in our cycling conquests. It's aptly named "Paris" as a nod to the countless wins Pinarello has secured in big-time races. It takes many cues from the dominating Dogma, but the Paris is designed to be more accessible to a wider range of riders. We get a satisfying taste of Pinarello's speed along with a comfortable geometry, ensuring this bike falls under the endurance category. But, that doesn't mean this bike has an issue getting out and racing. With this bike, we can maintain maximum comfort going fast over long stretches of road. In short, it's a gateway bike to Pinarello's world of speed-loving steeds.

We like that the Paris features flat-mount disc brakes, which are ideal for most endurance machines due to their reliability and modulated braking. And, let's not forget about the buttery-smooth wireless shifting that comes with the new SRAM Rival eTap AXS 12-speed groupset. It comes at a price that won't break the bank, but performs, in our opinion, just as well as groupsets valued at a higher price. In comparison with the Dogma and Prince, the Paris finds a real balance in the reach and stack. The shorter reach and higher stack make for a more comfortable ride that does not forgo the reactivity, which is a feature we tend to rely on with any road bike. The Paris puts a real focus on comfort without compromising on the racing spirit we love to see in Pinarello bikes. And, it has the clearance to accommodate 30mm wide tires, which has become more of a standard on endurance-focused bikes.

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